Our Beliefs


The purpose of our church is to exalt God through worship; to equip the believers through leadership; to evangelize the lost through discipleship; and to edify the body through fellowship. Toward that end we gather each Sunday for worship. Our emphasis is on the proclamation of God’s Word through expository preaching, which is the communication of the meaning of the biblical text, leading to practical application. We provide biblical training and spiritual development so our people can effectively serve God and others. We endeavor to present the good news that Jesus Christ saves to our community, and we promote a lifestyle evangelism that makes sharing our faith a more natural process. We encourage deeper relationships outside the church building which will foster a feeling of connectedness among our church family.


This church accepts the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments as the inspired record of God’s revelatory words and actions in human history and as the authoritative basis for its doctrine and practice. The Affirmation of Faith adopted by the Baptist General Conference in 1951 and as written below in this constitution is regarded by the Rush City Baptist Church as an expression of the essential doctrines of grace as set forth in Scripture. This document shall be subject to revision by the congregation, as new insights into the Word of God shall indicate ways in which our faith and life may be brought into closer accord with the teachings of Scripture. Continue Reading...


We practice the ordinance of believer’s baptism which reminds us of our union with Christ. We baptize by immersion because it pictures the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it pictures the believer’s death is his old way of life. Candidates for baptism must give a credible testimony of their faith in Jesus Christ.


The first Sunday of each month we gather around the Lord’s Table to observe communion. The bread is symbolic of Jesus’ broken body and the cup represents his blood that was shed for our sins. Communion is for those individuals who have trusted in Jesus’ sacrifice for their sins and who are walking in fellowship with God.  We take a special offering at the start of this service which is known as the Benevolent Fund offering.  The Diaconate Committee uses these funds to help individuals in the congregation or in the community who have a special financial need.


Church membership consists of individuals who confess faith in Jesus Christ as personal Savior, who give evidence of regeneration by their conduct, who have been baptized by immersion, and who have been received into its membership according to the church by-laws. Candidates shall meet with the Elders for the purpose of sharing their profession of faith, and shall have been baptized by immersion. Church membership will be granted upon the recommendation of the Elders and a majority vote of the members present at a meeting of the church.  Church membership must renewed each year to maintain one's active membership.