pastor Dave's Ukraine story

  • in the beginning

    In 1998 when the church hired me to be the pastor, I was asked what I liked to do in addition to being a pastor.  I replied that I liked to teach and to travel.  Prior to coming to Rush City, I had taught at a Bible college in Bombay (now Mumbai), India for three weeks and had loved the experience of teaching foreign students.  I asked the church for its blessing and financial support if an opportunity arose to teach overseas.  In the fall of 2001 I was at Trout Lake Camp for the men's retreat and I attended a seminar entitled Sister Church relationships in Ukraine taught by Bill Arvan.  After the seminar, I asked Bill if there were any opportunities to teach in Ukraine.  Bill told me about a regional Bible college that had been started by Pastor Alexander Zigalenko in the city of Kremenchuk.  I met with Alexander Zigalenko at our conference headquarters the following March when he visited Minnesota and I showed him the courses I was teaching at Northwestern College as an adjunct Bible professor.  He invited me to teach the Book of Acts at his school in the fall and my conference helped me organize the trip.  I traveled to Kiev, Ukraine in late October of 2002 and was met at the Boryspil Airport by Pastor Stas Chernyayev and by my translator, Bogdan Pais.  Both men have become dear friends of mine over the years of traveling to Ukraine.  I taught a group of 13 Ukrainian pastors the Book of Acts and loved the experience.  I also spent two Sundays with the Rakovka Evangelical Church and Pastor Stas Chernyayev.  At the end of the trip, Alexander Zigalenko invited me to return the following fall and teach another course.  Since then, the church has funded my teaching trip to Ukraine every year.